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Comparing currency exchange service providers has never been easier. Use our comparison platform to find competitive rates in your local area.
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Giving you access to the most trusted brands in the industry. Money Operators, Banks, Currency Brokers and Bureau De Changes can all be accessed directly through our platform.


Local branch collection or home delivery. You tell us what you want and we show you the way.

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Our recommended Money Service Providers are compliant with the latest regulations and use encryption technology when handling client data. Protecting your money and keeping your personal details safe is our top priority.

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We reveal the different ways operators can charge hidden fees, giving you complete transparency and control over your money. Helping you make smarter and more informed decisions.


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Spring, 2018

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London, UK

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Xchangemate was born out of the need for a simple and convenient way to search for the best places to exchange currency.

Our founder, Rik Taylor began paying attention to foreign exchange shops while working in New York. He often made weekend trips back to his hometown, London and needed to convert US dollars into pound sterling. “The process was time consuming”, he recalls. “There was no platform that cut through the noise and allowed you to fairly compare your options”.

As an independent UK comparison site, our goal is to reveal the best deals in your area without compromising safety, customer service, and speed. The algorithms we use provide customers with insightful and tailored results specific to their needs. Think of us as your personal currency explorer.


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